Mood Patterns

Mental Health Apps from data nerds for data nerds.

Our principles

It's your data 

You have full access to the data you input. You can export your data in its raw form as an SQLite database or as easy-to-use spreadsheets.
Slice, dice, and analyze it any way you like.

It's not our data

The data you input is stored only locally. We have no access to it.

We don't know best

People and situations vary a lot. We don't know what is right for you. So we try to provide customizability whenever possible.

We are not in for the money

Don't get me wrong - we do like money. However, our primary goal is to provide helpful apps to like-minded people. So, the free versions of our apps are functional and don't try to sell Pro at every click you make.

Our Apps

Mood Patterns

Track what is going on in your life and find patterns in how you feel - without worrying about what happens to your data. 

Mood Patterns is a most secure, highly customizable life-tracker that pays extra attention to privacy. 

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Night Hark

Have you ever wondered about the symphony of sounds that accompany your nightly rest? Night Hark brings you the power not just to listen but to delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of your sleep environment.

Gain a deeper understanding of your sleep environment, identify disturbances, and tailor your surroundings for better sleep.

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Smiling has a myriad of benefits, and the smile doesn’t even have to be real. Egao helps you reap those benefits to live a healthier and happier life.

Its minimal intervention is simple - it detects when you smile into the camera, tracks those smiles, and reminds you to smile.

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It matters how we spend our time. Ekde is dedicated to time tracking.

It tracks not only durations but also the time between. This makes it perfect if you want to monitor stopping something which takes more than one trial.

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Participant Id

This app aims to support psychological research and protect study participants' privacy by generating secure, anonymous, and stable Participant Ids.

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