Night Hark

Your personal
Sleep Soundscape Observer

Have you ever wondered about the symphony of sounds that accompany your nightly rest? Night Hark brings you the power not just to listen but to delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of your sleep environment.

Listen & Explore:
Night Hark elegantly records and analyses ambient sounds while you slumber, offering you a unique opportunity to experience your sleep in an entirely new way. With the ability to listen back to the recordings, you'll uncover a world of nocturnal whispers, soothing melodies, and unexpected serenades (and the occasional snoring).

Insightful Data at Your Fingertips:
But Night Hark goes beyond mere listening. Dive into the analytics - discover second-by-second sound volume data and explore over 500 sound categories. From the familiar hum of a distant car to the gentle rustling of leaves, unravel the auditory mosaic accompanying your sleep journey.

Privacy at the Core:
Your privacy is our priority. Night Hark operates entirely offline, processing all data locally on your device. Nothing is transmitted over the internet, ensuring your personal sleep data remains solely in your hands.

Why Night Hark?
Personalized Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your sleep environment.
Improve Sleep Quality: Identify disturbances and tailor your surroundings for better sleep.


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